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One of my favourite plants from seed are tender pot plants that can be grown from in the greenhouse and brought to flowering age ready for spectacular display indoors. AK-49 from Vision is now available as an auto-flowering strain, one of the most potent autos out there in fact. Like the AK-48, it is a stinky plant, and requires lots of space, but if you have a safe place to grow her, the euphoric. Bibliography Buddhism in Japan Busshi Glossary Carving Techniques. Cycle of Suffering Drapery/Robe Guide Mandala Guide Mudra Guide. Objects Guide Pilgrimage Guide Shinto Guide Statues by Artist. Statues by Era Symbols Guide Terminology A TNDEX 3 Element Stele 3 Monkeys 4 Bosatsu 4 Celestial Emblems 4.

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